Force 10 RS Cargo Pant

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Color|ME Green 34x30

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내구성이 강화된 Force10 NYCO 립스탑 카고팬츠

Force 10 RS Pant

TAD Gear Force10  립스탑 카고팬츠가 새롭게 출시되었습니다.
창사이래 이십여년동안 여름철 베스트셀러로 진화를 거듭하며 필드 아이콘으로 꾸준한 사랑을 받고있는 제품입니다.

보다 더 강화된 내구성 
새 SS 버전은 나일론 코튼 립스탑(NYCO Ripstop)으로 내구성이 한층 업그레이드 되었습니다.
여름철 혹은 사막기후에서 중요시 되는 통기성을 고려하였으며 찢김방지기능과 무릎, 둔부, 포켓클립
부분의 견고한 이중보강은 오랜동안 입어도 항상 새옷같은 퀄리티를 지속하여 줍니다.
이번버전에는 1/8" 이중 스티치로 이전에 나왔던 어떤 버전보다 튼튼하고 터프하게 제조되었습니다.
바지의 단추는 실이아닌 나일론 웨빙으로 고정되어 튼튼하며 단추의 망실이 없도록 하여주며 필드에서
쉽게 수선이 가능하도록 하였습니다.

효율적인 수납공간
총 8개의 포켓으로 효율적인 수납이 가능하며 조그만 가방하나를 세이브할 정도의 충분한 수납공간이 있습니다.
바지 전면부와 카고포켓내부에 있는 D-링은 기어키퍼 등을 연결하여 소중한 기어의 망실을 방지하여 줍니다.
우측 웜포켓 내부에만 있었던 동전 수납공간인 코인디바이더는 양쪽에 포켓모두 채용하였습니다.
카고포켓은 내부에 수납물이 섞여 혼돈되지 않도록 나뉘어 효율적인 수납을 하도록 하였습니다.

하이엔드 디자인
1930년대 영국군의 전투복에 유래된 카고팬츠는 효율성과 직관적인 디자인으로 많이 변화되어왔습니다.
태드기어에서는 고전적인 카고팬츠를 견고성, 효율성, 디자인 세가지 측면으로 재해석하여 보다 크고 효율적인 수납공간, 활동성을 보장하는 디자인피트로 필드에서 뿐만아니라 도시에서도 착용하여도 멋진 어번패션으로 손색이 없습니다.

릴렉스드, 스트레이트핏(일자바지)

50/50 나일론 코튼립스탑

무릎보호 슬롯이있어 태드기어 T-pro 니패드착용가능
이중보강된 둔부
2,3중 스티치

2개의 월트포켓
2개의 웜포켓
2개의 카고포켓
2개의 뒷주머니
2개 히든패스포트포켓

YKK 지퍼, 싱글버튼
하단부 바지조임코드
1" 로고패치

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Our Force 10 Cargo Pants were the very first piece of apparel we designed. Over the course of a decade, we have continuously improved the quality and performance of our iconic field pant.

More durable than ever
This year, our Force 10 Cargo Pants come in Nylon Cotton (NYCO) Ripstop, an upgrade to their overall durability and tear-resistance while maintaining the breathability required when active or in warmer environments. The longevity of the pant is further extended by reinforcements to the seat, knee and pocket clip area secured by double needle one-eighth inch stitching. We added triple needle stitching to both inseam and outseam, a level of construction rarely used, making these our toughest wearing Force 10s ever.

Rather than sewing them on, we secure all buttons on nylon webbing with bartacks to give them far greater staying power. This approach also allows for quick and easy field repair without needle and thread using the accompanying slotted self-repairing button.

Intelligently designed storage
With eight total pockets, we’ve given you more than storage space. We’ve built in organizational capabilities through internal pocket dividers and D-rings so that crucial gear is close at hand when you need it quickly. The hand pockets now include ambidextrous coin dividers, while the two front welt pockets can store keys, phones or flashlights attached to the D-rings at the front belt loops. Thigh cargo pockets contain internal pocket dividers and D-rings to dummycord your gear. The cargo pockets also come with an external top slot, enabling you to carry a larger linear item such as a longer flashlight, ruler or hammer. In this version, we included two internal rear Passport Pockets to hold your vital documents discreetly. Knee pockets accommodate T-Pro Knee Armor or other knee pads.

A modern take on a heritage design
First worn by the British armed forces in the 1930’s as part of their battle dress uniform, the cargo pant has become a staple based on its functionality and distinct look. Using this heritage design as a basis, we’ve modernized the style through high performing fabrics, added features as well as improved the overall silhouette. Where other cargos use pleats on the pocket, we maintain a flush front seam with a bellows at the back of the pocket in order to provide storage volume without unnecessary bulk. We’ve also evolved the fit of the Force 10s resulting in a lower profile, less drag and a more streamlined look. The result is a pant that performs beautifully in the field, yet has a cut and style that transitions easily to an urban context.

  • Relaxed Fit
  • Straight Leg

  • 52% Nylon, 48% Cotton (6.5 oz)

  • Knee Reinforcement Pockets Accommodate T-Pro Knee Armor
  • Reinforced Seat
  • Gusseted Crotch
  • Triple and Double Needle Stitching

Pocket Configuration
  • Two Front Welt Pockets
  • Two Hand Pockets with Coin Pocket
  • Two Thigh Cargo Flap Pockets with Hidden Dual Button Closure
  • Two Rear Flap Pockets with Hidden Dual Button Closure
  • Two Hidden Passport Pockets

Zipper & Fly Configuration
  • Front Vislon Zipper Fly with Single Button Closure at Waistband
  • All Zippers are YKK® Zippers

Waist & Belt Configuration
  • 1" Width Belt Loops
  • Belt Loops with D-Rings Above Welt Pockets

Hem Configuration
  • Adjustable Leg Drawstrings

Logos & Labels
  • One 1”x1” Loop Swatch with Logo Patch on Right Thigh Pocket

Made in the USA

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